Watercolor Positivity "Courage" 1 by Jennifer Pollack

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  • watercolor on paper
  • matt with backing board
  • 3" x 5" opening and 5" x 7" mattboard for easy framing


Major: Graphic Design '21


Artist Statement:

My name is Jennifer Pollack, I am from the suburbs of Chicago, and I am a graphic design student at Columbia College. I began selling my art through my own business, JBP Designs, with a mission of “Creating Positivity”. To me, Creating Positivity means making things to put out into the world that help people feel good about themselves, be happier, and maybe even put a smile on their face just for a moment. My inspiration for positive art comes from my own mental health recovery journey. Art has played a crucial part in my recovery and it has lead me to where I am today.

I love to find ways to merge my love of art and graphic design. I am a self taught hand letterer and I love to write inspiring messages using modern calligraphy. I paint words, quotes, and mantras with watercolor on paper or with metallic embossing on a canvas.

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