"Spring Awakening" digital print by Anabelle Chinski

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  • digital art print on card stock
  • select print size using drop down
  • available in sizes:
    • 4"x6" ($10)
    • 7"x11" ($18)
    • 9"x12" ($25)

Project Statement:
The Theater’s showings come and go as fast as the season itself, only a few weeks of the bliss that comes with warmer temperatures. Puddles take up more space on the street than the cars that park there, turning the city into a mirror that reflects the smiles of those who have shed their thick coats. See the matinee and bask in the city when the sun doesn’t set at 4:00 pm.

This piece is part of my Seasons in Chicago series and happened to open my eyes to the wonders of architectural illustration. The creation process began with a traditional sketch, moved to digital linework, was traced and painted with gouache, scanned into Lightroom and Photoshop, and finally sandwiched all together while using digital paint to touch up and brighten!

Anabelle Chinski
Illustration, 2023

Artist Statement:
Hi there, I’m Anabelle :) I have always been the quiet kid who keeps to herself and doodles her daydreams on the margins of notepads, looking forward to art class every day of the week. Since childhood, I’ve experimented with a plethora of media and styles, trying to make sense of all the jumble that fuels my creativity. Caught between realism and stylized illustration, I’m continuing to push my boundaries and work with techniques I’ve yet to conquer or even attempt. It’s a big wide world out there- who knows what else will capture my attention next! While I’ve found strengths along my journey of exploring and developing art, I can't wait to see what else the creative path ahead of me has in store.


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