Valentine's Day 2022 Illustrator: Kennedy Homan

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Valentine's Day 2022 Illustrator: Kennedy Homan


Kennedy Homan
Illustration, 2022

This year, ShopColumbia commissioned an original illustration to promote Valentine's Day. Get to know this year's illustrator, Kennedy Homan.

ShopColumbia's Valentine's Day 2022 poster, illustration by Kennedy Homan

What was your inspiration for the illustration?
My inspiration behind “Fishy Love” is based on the characters Andy and Seabasstian I have from my Webtoon Andy Bass’. I really love their relationship and how the two absolutely love everything about one another, even each others “flaws”. They represent the type of love where both grow alongside one another and realize how worthy they are for compassion.

How have you benefited from the process of designing this year's illustration and selling with ShopColumbia?

Well, two main benefits is another work for my portfolio, but a work that is a brand new experience is the other. I’ve never seen my work used in physical marketing before. I’ve had ad campaigns done by Webtoon, but to hold a poster and see a storefront is very exciting and emotional. To go from doodling ninja turtles as a child to having my work be a part of the Valentine’s Day campaign at Columbia is a lot to take in.

Give us an update on any recent projects/artistic life events; what's next for you?

With my webcomic ‘Andy Bass’ coming to a close in production this summer, I’m already finding myself writing and creating concept art for the next comic I’d like to pitch to Webtoon. Outside of Webtoon-related projects, I’m really hoping to do a con this year. I really like holding my work physically, and I want to pursue a con. 

Concept art for proposed upcoming webcomic; illustration by Kennedy Homan

Artist Statement
Within Chicago lives the Kennedy Homan. She hardly sleeps, currently has 9 pet birds, and for some reason is writing the romance Webtoon 'Andy Bass' even though she’s Aro/Ace. She also attends school at Columbia College Chicago in order to better her comic-making skills to create more diverse underrepresented narratives.

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