Holiday Market Featured Artist: Michele Williams

Holiday Market Featured Artist: Michele Williams

Michele Williams
English / Creative Writing Faculty

"flowers" original watercolor by Michele Williams, $75

"Cat" greeting card by Michele Williams, $4


"Art Pin" by Michele Williams, $15 each


Artist Statement:
My intriguing women, glorious flowers, and whimsical cats and frogs are a pleasure to create and bring joy to those who buy them for themselves and the art pins, greeting cards and my life story book make lovely gifts as well.

Michele Williams is a long time Columbia College adjunct faculty member who teaches Oral Expression in the English/ Creative Writing Department. Michele focuses on three things with her students, first teaching then a foundation for developing and delivering effective presentations, second helping them develop the confidence to share their expertise with others and third to encourage them to nurure their diverse artistic talents and utilize all their capabilities and interests. She has developed numerous course and presentations, has spoken at conferences ie Association of Oncology Social Work, Association of Personal Historians, Self Employment in the Arts, as well as for businesses and other organizations. She uses her clinical social work background to assist students in overcoming psychological barriers to effective presentations resulting in more self confidence, decreased anxiety and significant enjoyment when public speaking and more willingness to seek out public speaking opportunities, internships and jobs. In addition, Michele is the author of Happy Girl Michele: Tales of a True Renaissance Woman and is also a performance poet, watercolorist and singer. She explores her various passions and encourages her students to explore all facets of their talents and interests. Michele Williams has an MA in Continuing Education specializing in Instructional Design, an MSW in Social Work and a BS in Social Welfare.


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