Featured Artist: Paria Izadmehr, 2020 Graduate

Featured Artist: Paria Izadmehr, 2020 Graduate


Paria Izadmehr
MFA Interdisciplinary Art and Media - May, 2020

Artist Bio
Paria Izadmehr majored in MFA Interdisciplinary Art and Media at Columbia College Chicago. She is an artist and a scientist that combines science and art to make science tangible and perceptible. She completed her bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering at Azad University. Paria is an innovative art pioneer to invent new techniques for enhancing creativity. She strives to combine her diverse background, a powerful imagination, and influential creativity with structure and geometric abstract patterns, math, physics, science, quantum mechanics, and art. She utilizes a video projection map to create a unique and avant-garde approach to different artistic designs to build a bridge between various fields.

Artist Statement
I explore to decipher manifestation of undiscovered structures in pomegranate seeds with morphology of geometric abstract language and utilize designing abstract quantum algebra in the pomegranate seeds.

What are you most proud of during your career at Columbia?
My thesis project “The Code of Pomegranate is Genius”

To view the virtual exhibition click HERE

What's next for you after graduation?
Finding a job and pursuing my PhD.