EXPO CHICAGO 2017 Artist: Kyra Peterson

EXPO CHICAGO 2017 Artist: Kyra Peterson

Kyra Peterson has been selected as a ShopColumbia EXPO CHICAGO 2017 artist to represent Columbia College Chicago. We asked Kyra a few questions about her work and presenting this year at EXPO CHICAGO.

Give us an update about recent projects/artistic life events.

Recently I've been working on developing work for my senior thesis, part one of which will be presented this fall at the Conaway Center, and furthering my research on improvisational 

movement and performative art. 

What will you be presenting at EXPO CHICAGO 2017?

I will be presenting a multidisciplinary project that looks at improvisational movement from a fine art perspective. This project has manifested thus far as a three part movement film and corresponding book. In January I received the Albert P. Weisman award which allowed me to produce this work and it will be presented at the Arcade Gallery this October as well.

What inspired you to create this series of work?

Movement of the body is something I feel so deeply rooted in. It's a beautiful connectivity and exploration that I believe everyone should have the chance to embody and experience. This work came from two years of investigative research, improvising and analyzing movement in a time when I was so hungry for answers after formally training in dance my whole life. I've always loved creating cross-disciplinary content and collaborating with artists who bring new perspectives to my own so I'd been itching to direct a large project that involved many artists I highly respect. This work completely fulfills those things I yearned for and the process of creation has filled my heart with pleasure and the eagerness to continue developing. 

In what ways do you think you will benefit as a professional artist from EXPO CHICAGO 2017?

Being apart of a collection of so many talented and inspiring artists from around the world is such an honor. EXPO is an incredible opportunity not only to share your work with hundreds but to learn from the feedback received by art appreciators and the works of other artists.

Artist Statement

Kyra Peterson is a visual and performative artist studying for a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago under the Presidential scholarship. Through many mediums, Kyra’s work looks to bringing elements of visual fine art to the body and the body to the fine arts. Focusing on an explorative improvisational practice, Kyra touches at the duality of human nature and how we perceive everyday forms.


Project Statement

Sense is a two-part interdisciplinary project which displays two years worth of movement research investigating sensory imagery, from a visual arts perspective, within the body to gain a greater awareness of one’s self. Part one captures an improvisational exploration of texture, form, and tone within the body on camera. Visuals, sound, and movement comprise the culmination of what has been discovered thus far to create this short film. The second part is a book which displays these researched sensations through visuals from the film, drawings, text, and digital design to initiate the investigation further for the viewer. By seeing the research through film, viewers have a reference point for internalizing the experience for themselves by use of the book. Sense crosses many mediums working to instill a greater sense of self and physical realization of who we are as individuals, while questioning how we define and compartmentalize art.


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