“Assemblage” etching by Simon Knuth

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  • etching
  • editioned and signed by artist
  • 11" x 15


BA in Fine Arts with Graphic Design minor, spring 2020


Artist Statement:

I’m Simon Knuth, pseudonym Psymon. I’m a native Chicagoan, having grown up in Logan Square, and I now live in the neighborhood of Avondale. I’m in my final year at Columbia studying Fine Art with a minor in Graphic Design, and my practice is focused on jewelry, printmaking, and installation art. I really enjoy making jewelry because I have always tended towards working small and working meticulously, both of which are tendencies that really lend themselves to making delicate pieces with light metals and acrylic. I am enamored with the meticulous processes of printmaking and the way that prints resemble fossils, as they are the imprints and traces of the plate, block, or screen. I’m fascinated by the deep past and distant future, and much of my work is concerned with paleontology and geology, or speculation on what lies ahead for our planet. I am an environmentalist and also explore a lot of environmental themes in my art, particularly humanity's legacy and impact on the future of the earth. You can find my jewelry, prints, and other work online at www.psy-mon.com.


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