"Walk with Caution" poster (12" x 18") by Babbydoodlz

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Illustration, 2024

Artist Statement: Babs is a freelance Illustrator and business owner in Chicago. Currently, they study Illustration, design, and business. Their work previously has been featured in shows across Illinois, used for business projects, and sold online. Last year, they were the Creative Director for ISG's annual Inkfest. Their goal as an artist is to gain as much knowledge while they have the resources available to them at school, and build positive connections with people in their community. They am recognized for my visually appealing work and unique art style. In the future, they hope to pursue their small business full time while accepting tattoo appointments in an independent shop. They also wish to teach art and the importance of creativity, as well as use their artwork to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.


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