"Sorry" poster (12" x 18") by Lindsey Mineff

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Photography, 2009

Artist Statement: My name's Lindsey and I've been a graphic designer for nearly 8 years. Currently I live in Melbourne, Australia, but years ago I studied photography at Columbia College. That degree lead to many opportunities in the fifteen plus countries I've visited. I've been lucky enough to have once in a lifetime experiences, like drinking steins of beer in Frankfurt, seeing the top of Everest from the streets of Katmandu, and floating over the farms of Lao from a balloon 3,000 feet in the air. As I've gotten older and travel less, I find my cats and a good book are now what I look forward to most. This poster is inspired by that cozy feeling of staying in and being on no one's time but your own. A hot shower, a good book, and a warm kitty by my side are all the reason in the world to say "Sorry, I can't tonight, we're busy."

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