"Swedish Postcard" print by DreamyG'sCreation

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  • Digital print on cardstock
  • 5" x 7"


Major: Illustration '23


Artist Statement: 

Hello, My name is Giovanna and I am an Illustrator based in the Chicagoland region. I am currently enrolled at Columbia College Chicago, pursuing my BFA in Illustration. I ideally hope to work creating editorial Illustration or concept art for the game industry.

I do many forms of art such as painting, drawing, inking, crafting, etc. However, more recently I have focused more on digital illustration, as that is where my current industries are focused on. Some common themes in my work include, slight gore, video game fan art, d&d characters, and fantasy.

I have been creating art ever since I was little, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon; but, when I do get some downtime, I enjoy geocaching, cooking, playing D&D, and finding new creative outlets.

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