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Exhibition: Skill Shot - The Collaborative Art of Pinball
Gallery: Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL
Exhibition Dates: September 6- November 5, 2016
Curator: Mark Porter
Size: 5.5 x 11.5
Pages: 58


Table of Contents:

  • Curatorial Statement and Acknowledgments
  • An Introduction to the Contributors
  • A Pinball Odyssey: Past, Present and Future, by Roger Sharpe
  • Tournament Photos, by Gene X Hwang
  • An Interview with Rosemarie Fiore, conducted by the curator
  • From Zeroes to Heroes: The Dream Factory, written and illustrated by Jon Chad, originally published in Drop Target Zine issue #6
  • Doug Watson Recalls Illustration Projects, by Doug Watson
  • Belles and Chimes, by Echa Schneider
  • Pinballs in Space: A Crossword Puzzle of Galactic, Trans-dimensional, Extra-terrestrial Intrigue and Romance, by the curator
  • Tilt Talk, written and illustrated by Jon Chad, originally published in Drop Target Zine issue #6
  • An Interview with Niklas Roy, conducted by the curator

Exhibition Statement:

Skillshot: The Collaborative Art of Pinball presents pinball machines as interactive artworks that are created through a collaborative process involving many skilled artisans such as designers, sculptors and engineers. Chicago is the birthplace and world headquarters of pinball, making Columbia College, in the heart of the city, an exciting place to debut the first-ever exhibition to explore the complicated collaborations inherent in creating pinball machines. Skillshot intends to capture the spirit and momentum of this dynamic art movement by highlighting the accomplishments of both industry professionals and enthusiasts. The exhibit features pinball machines, documentary videos, zines as well as original pre-production illustrations and sketches by iconic pinball designers and illustrators. This exhibition is held in conjunction with GAME ART VS. ART GAME held at The Arcade.

Participating artists include:
Suzanne Ciani, Jon Chad, Ryan Claytor, Ethan M. D’Ercole, Dirty Donny, Angela Drokba (The Trophy Witch), Rosemarie Fiore, Greg Freres, Margaret Hudson, Gene X Hwang, Rob Karlic, Alec Longstreth, Kevin O’ Connor, Steve Ritchie, Mark Sheridan, Doug Watson, Stern Pinball Inc, 12 for 12 and re-theme resident artists Erik Lundquist and JJ McLuckie.

Skillshot would not have been possible without generous support from Stern Pinball Inc., The Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Greg Freres, Doug Watson, Tanio Klyce, Drop Target Zine and Von Lintel Gallery.

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