Sad Cat Clown art print by Riley Draws

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  • Digital print on cardstock
  • Size: 5" x 4"


Major: Illustration, 2027


Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Rhi or Riley is fine too! I am a first-year student at Columbia. I come from Northlake Illinois and ever since I was a little kid, I've always enjoyed art. I would paint and draw on everything. Paper, the walls, furniture, and even the T.V. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing and creating a story with my art. I draw inspiration from different genres of media. I enjoy fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and anything that has to do with ghosts, vampires, and witches! I enjoy creating modern fantasy and playing with how these ancient or medieval creatures might interact with the modern world. I find it interesting the juxtaposition of magic with the modern world or even with a futuristic world. I love the mechanical mixed with the magical. Mixing fantasy with modern to make fun pieces that bring the characters and world to life. I also enjoy making very cute things. I love cats and cute animals. I sometimes draw from that for inspiration and enjoy making quite cute characters and art. It is also quite fun to mix horror and cuteness. I love having pink blood and bunny ears mixed with demons and vampires.

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