Pink Skeleton - 8.25 Skateboard by Zicrona

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  • acrylic on 8.25 skateboard
  • can be displayed vertically or horizontally


Major: Illustration, 2024


Artist Statement:

Ziccy, also known as Zicrona, is a muralist, printmaker, fine artist, illustrator, and street gore fanatic based in Chicago, IL. Their work is often pasted in the streets of whatever city they currently inhabit. Zicrona's work has been featured in galleries, shops, and alleyways throughout Chicago, New York, Rome, California, and more. 

Using both traditional and digital materials, Ziccy explores themes of queer identity, bodily autonomy, and their grotesque indulgences.

Through studies of anatomy and found specimens, the artist creates provocative visual narratives inspired by their experiences, combining real subjects with freakish ideas to create phantasmagorical works.


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