Pin Head #2 Pin Cushion, C. Thresher

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  • 3.5" x 3.5" plush sculpture
  • mixed media including: felt, buttons, lace, yarn, embroidery floss, beads and stick pins
  • weighted
  • signed by artist on back


Artist Statement: I am a full-time faculty member that creates art under a pseudonym (C. Thresher). The works I submit here are a response to my perception that there are very few works that students themselves might be able to afford. I have used pen/ink to draw very small views on 4" x 6" acid-free paper. I think they are appropriate to help decorate a student's room, or to be given as a gift without breaking the bank. The scenes are inspired by views I see in Chicago itself, but also in the rural areas that surround the city. Each image evokes a story, but I am not didactic in how that story should be read. I try to create the drawings to invite views to see, in a new way, the character of the beautiful world that surrounds us. Each one is an original drawing tinted with watercolors; this is an ongoing series.


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