"Earth's Beings" unframed print Cade Steenson

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  • unframed photograph printed on Epson Professional Paper
  • paper size: 8.5" x 11"


Major: Photography '26


Artist Statement: Hi! My name is Cadence Steenson and I am an editorial creative arts photographer that specializes in empowerment through the lens. This has really driven me to do meaningful photoshoots that have a strong story to tell. Before a photoshoot, I usually will look deeper into how I am feeling emotionally, creating an idea around my emotions and feelings. I have strongly been focusing on mental health, body positivity, and storytelling through my photographs. I started my own business by the name of Sixteen Storms Photography after the 2018 Camp Fire. I realized I had a talent that could bring joy to the community after a devastating loss. I spent the majority of my business time doing volunteer work for Love of Paradise. I gifted free photo sessions to those who lost their homes, framed the images, and gave back to our community. After dealing with my own mental health issues and body issues, I have dedicated my work towards combating that. It is a passion project that I will never give up on due to the number of lessons and love that it has taught me.

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