"Dreamscape" by Ariel Hayes

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  • paperback poetry book
  • 45 pages
  • size: 6"x8.5"
  • original poetry and cover artwork by Ariel Hayes
  • self-published through Lulu
  • Trigger Warning: Though ambiguous and abstract, there are nods to sexual trauma and sexual assault in this book. If you or someone you love have been affected by sexual assault, please reach out to EVE a free and confidential service in the Lansing, Michigan area. Office: 517-372-5976 Crisis Help Line: 517-372-5572

Arts Management, 2022

Artist Statement: My name is Ariel Hayes, I am a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Art Management in Visual Arts. After going to San Diego State University for two years for marketing, I realized I needed a creative career. So, after some time traveling, I transferred to Columbia College Chicago in Fall 2021. Right now, I aim to be an art curator and gallery owner. My goal is to support other female/femme artists and LGBTQIA+ artists. I want to bring a more equitable perspective to the art market, and give artists in these marginalized communities the proper opportunities. My overall mission is to open hearts and minds by cultivating empathy and understanding amongst my audience, through my art curations, exhibits, performances, writing, and art. My own artwork is heavily inspired by my spiritual perspective, past life experiences, and desire to bring healing and comforting connection to those who consume my artwork. I put a lot of healing energy into all of my work in hopes my audience receives that energy.


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