Death’s-head Hawkmoth Magnet by Sophia Abel

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  • handcrafted butterfly moth from recycled aluminum can
  • magnet on back

Major: Cinema '20


Artist Statement:

In my work, I attempt to show everyday subjects in ways that make them fascinating. My favorite trick is the illusion of the soda can butterflies. On first glance, the typical reaction is "oh, butterflies," followed by the realization that somehow, the viewer is looking at a soda can. This theme of warping expectations extends across the many creative mediums I work in.

My biggest inspiration is the unknown. Art has always been my tool of choice for exploring the world and learning new things. My work often serves as an outlet for giving relevance to new knowledge or testing ideas. The desire to create comes naturally and serves as motivation for improvement. I consistently challenge myself to experiment with new techniques, tools, and mediums to enable myself to go beyond previous limitations.

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