Phat Ass “Resting Lichen Face” Sticker by David Knight

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  • 1 vinyl sticker (non-waterproof)
  • 2" x 2"


Illustration '20


Artist Statement:

"How would you describe your art?" I am bold with a splash of curiousity, cut from a straightjacket of creativity, and defined by the subtle designs and images I see tossed about my everyday world. You will see me furiously scribbling in a pad on the train or laughing as I sketch up a new concept that I may just toss away. Creating fanciful and dynamic images is more than a passion it is what I am with my stroke becoming more concrete with each project and my skill a bit keener by the day. Each Illustration is a piece of me given to the world, that spreads my message with every person that comes to me: "What a Lovely Day for Something Imaginative!!"

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