O my! Variable monoprint 15/20, by Henry Voellmecke and Kate Anderson

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  • Collaboration between Henry Voellmecke and Kate Anderson
  • Screen-printed by Henry and stitched and assembled by Kate
  • each print is one of a kind from a series of 20
  • signed by artist 
  • size: 13.75" x 17.75"

Project Statement

This collaboration between Henry Voellmecke and Kate Anderson has come to fruition by encompassing phenomenology and formalism with process-based mark-making and material investigations. While Henry and Kate’s studio practices differ in many ways, both are informed by a range of printmaking techniques. Henry’s focus on the CMYK halftones in his prints and installations combined with Kate’s use of textile manipulation and stitching have intertwined in this site-specific installation. The application of halftones to the colored fabric creates the illusion of the layered halftones used in four-color process prints; by overlaying two process colors, an entirely new hue is formed. The minimalist nature of compositions is challenged with the asymmetry of the stitched lines. The combination of these two seemingly disconnected practices has provided both artists with the opportunity to explore color and material in new ways while still maintaining the foundations of both artists’ work.

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