"Casper" by Madeline Gross

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  • Lino block print from the "Cats in the Garden" series
  • Heavyweight printmaking paper.
  • Paper Size: 5” x 7” / image size: 4” x 6” (approximate)
  • Signed and numbered by artist
  • Edition of 6

Major: Social Media and Digital Strategy ’21

Artist Statement:
Three important things to know about me are 1.) I’ve yet to meet a toad I can’t catch, probably because of 2.) My humble Ohio upbringing, and 3.) I have an extreme passion for ketchup. For me, my art is my way of coping with my mental illness. From when I was little and couldn’t sit still to my panic attack three days ago, scribbling away with some crayons can be as good as therapy. I like to challenge myself and experiment with different materials to keep my art constantly evolving. My main influences are the places I’ve been and what I associate with them. I also find inspiration in film and strong female role-models, both fictional and real. My current work has been with printmaking. I’ve been extremely proud of the results considering I’m still working out the kinks in my printmaking process. My “Cats in the Garden” print series is inspired by all the fluffy cats I’ve been privileged enough to know in my lifetime. And just like cats, I hope my artwork can find its way into loving homes.

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