How-To Wrap A Present

How-To Wrap A Present

How-To wrap a present

With more of us shopping online this year, there is less opportunity to have your gifts gift-wrapped in-store.  But once you learn the basics, you too can gift-wrap like a pro.


Steps to wrap a present:

1. Gather your supplies.  You'll need wrapping paper, scissors and tape. That’s it!

2. Find a box that will hold your present. Trust us: a box will make wrapping the present much easier. Wrapping a square or rectangular box is a 100 times easier than a multi-sided, or uneven or squishy present. A box will also ensure that your gift is safe under the tree especially if you have a cat or toddler that likes to poke at presents.

3. Measure and cut the needed amount of wrapping paper. Before cutting, place the box in the center of the paper and fold up the sides to ensure that you have enough paper to cover all sides. Experiment with laying the box lengthwise or crosswise to see what is the most economical use of the paper. Once you are certain you know how much paper you’ll need, cut the paper.

4. Start wrapping. Fold up one side of the paper and adhere the paper to the box with a small piece of tape. Repeat with the other side overlapping the paper.
**Bonus: when creating seams, fold the cut edge for a more professional presentation.

5. Fold the ends. Your present will now have two unfinished edges of paper on the sides. On one end, fold two facing sides of paper together forming a crease along the edge of the box. The opposite sides of paper should form triangle shapes. Crease the edges of the triangles to form flaps that can be folded down. Secure the two points of the triangles with tape.

Confused?  Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words.  If you are a visual person, check out this online tutorial for extra guidance.

Now is the time to personalize your gift and add some flair. Thick wire-edge ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, curling ribbon, bows, pompoms, gift tags, stickers, holly branches, pinecones, and ornaments… can all add that little extra something to make your present sparkle!  And to make your gifts sparkle, ShopColumbia is giving away gift-wrap bundles with tissue, bows, ribbon, string, and gift-tags with the first 50 online orders!  

Sustainable wrapping
If you do not have fancy giftwrap, don’t despair. Recycled newspaper, kraft paper, magazine pages or any large sheet of paper could work. Check out our previous blog post on How-To have a Green Holiday for more sustainable wrapping ideas.


Gift Bags
Gift bags are not cheating, they are just another way to present your gift. Gift bags can be significantly easier and faster. Just add some tissue to cover the contents and you are done! The great thing with gift bags is that you can often reuse them for future gifts.

Have fun!
If your corners are crooked or if your seams don’t meet up perfectly or your paper was 1/2” too short on one side…don’t worry. After a quick tear, the gift recipient will only care what is on the inside and appreciate your effort.

If you need a break from the wrapping chores, enjoy this cute wrapping video!