Holiday Market 2023 Illustrator: KDominiqueArt

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Holiday Market 2023 Illustrator: KDominiqueArt


Kara Dominique Garcia of KDominiqueArt
BFA Traditional Animation / Minor Illustration, 2025

Every year ShopColumbia commissions an original illustration to promote our Holiday Market. Get to know this year's illustrator, KDominiqueArt.  

ShopColumbia Holiday Market 2023 Illustration by KDominiqueArt

What was your inspiration for the illustration?

While brainstorming a design in my sketchbook, I was trying to figure out different compositions and ways to represent the joy of giving and the atmosphere that the holidays bring. A wholesome sense of warmth of being with the people you love, or doing kind actions for those you care about. With my own personal love for polar bears, what better way to represent a kind gesture from a big strong fuzzy figure? I chose to illustrate the scenario of the bear getting ready to gift those he loves, and to his surprise- one of his small friends decided to share the love back!

Work in progress by KDominiqueArt
How have you benefited from the process of designing this year's illustration and selling with ShopColumbia? 
I really enjoyed illustrating the piece, this is my first time ever seeing my artwork curated in this way and I’m so greatful! It was my first ever sticker set that was designed and sold through the Holiday Market my freshman year here in CCC. Since then it has only gotten better. I’m really honored to have been able to design for this year’s illustration, as it has not only felt like I was able to give back to ShopColumbia what they were able to do for me- but it was able to see how much I’ve grown in my art and the products I’ve created since that first sticker set! (Which in fact, included a polar bear!)

What are you most looking forward to during the holidays? Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? 
During the holidays, it is the time when I get to see my family who live out of state. Every other year we have a reunion and celebrate our accomplishments over the time spent away, and simply just enjoy being in each other’s presence! While we don’t get to see them year round, we get to spend every minute with them to the fullest during this time of year. That, and we also watch a lot of movies and drink a lot of hot chocolate!

Give us an update on any recent projects/artistic life events; what's next for you?

The animation side of my artistic life has been so exciting, as I was granted the opportunity to be apart of the upcoming SiLA program in the summer! Excited to fill my sketchbooks with that upcoming experience, other than that I have been slowly showcasing my original stories through zines! Look out for those, if you’re ever interested in getting to know more about my crazy characters :)  

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