Featured Product: Design by Jennifer Pollack

Featured Product: Design by Jennifer Pollack


Jennifer Pollack
Graphic Design, 2021

Jennifer Pollack is a featured designer with ShopColumbia's Buy Columbia, By Columbia initiative. The design was created in the Spring 2020 Typography for Graphic Design class with Assistant Professor of Instruction, Sarah Faust. Her design was licensed and produced on a limited edition shirt and is available for purchase in two different colors at ShopColumbia.

2020 Columbia tshirt in "Dusty Blue Triblend" design by Jennifer Pollack, $24

2020 Columbia tshirt in "Navy Triblend" design by Jennifer Pollack, $24

What inspired you to create this design?

My ShopColumbia shirt design is based on typography. I decided to feature Columbia College Chicago in three notable typefaces: Filosofia, Futura, and Bodoni. This design shows the differences in the typefaces while also showing the school’s name in a newsprint type pattern. Type is a very important part of graphic design students’ studies, and now they can represent this subject and our school in a fun and creative way.

Give us an update about recent projects/artistic life events; what's next for you?
The same week that my t-shirt design was selected for ShopColumbia, a different t-shirt that I had designed was selected as a winner for a shirt design contest! That design was also based on typography, but featured more of my own hand-lettering. A lot of the work I do in addition to the digital graphic design work, focuses on positivity and meaningful messages. I like to incorporate this theme when creating canvas and watercolor paintings with hand-lettering designs.

Artist Statement
My name is Jennifer Pollack, I am from the suburbs of Chicago, and I am a graphic design student at Columbia College. I began selling my art through my own business, JBP Designs, with a mission of “Creating Positivity”. To me, Creating Positivity means making things to put out into the world that help people feel good about themselves, be happier, and maybe even put a smile on their face just for a moment. My inspiration for positive art comes from my own mental health recovery journey. Art has played a crucial part in my recovery and it has lead me to where I am today.

I love to find ways to merge my love of art and graphic design. I am a self taught hand letterer and I love to write inspiring messages using modern calligraphy. I paint words, quotes, and mantras with watercolor on paper or with metallic embossing on a canvas.