Featured Product: Designs by Emma Varsbergs

Featured Product: Designs by Emma Varsbergs


Emma Varsbergs
Graphic Design, 2020

Emma Varsbergs is a featured designer with ShopColumbia's Buy Columbia, By Columbia initiative. Her design was licensed and produced on a limited edition sweatshirt and zip-up hoodie and is available for purchase at ShopColumbia.


2020 Columbia Sweatshirt in "Dusty Blue" design by Emma Varsbergs, $38

What inspired you to create this design?

What inspired me for these designs was the project that I previously worked on for my typography class. I created a book about feminism which showcased anti-feminist quotes that I then turned into feminist quotes. In this book I had a motif of repetition, shape, and playing with the opacity of a typeface. I applied these motifs into the Columbia sweatshirt designs and I thought they worked really well together.

2020 Columbia Sweatshirt in "Heather Stone" design by Emma Varsbergs, $38

Give us an update about recent projects/artistic life events; what's next for you?
I just graduated this past spring, so I have been looking for some full-time graphic design jobs in Chicago. Job hunting has been tough due to COVID-19, but I have been able to do some freelance work on the side. But besides looking for work, I also have been submitting some of my past work into design competitions.

2020 Hooded Sweatshirt in "Heavy Metal" design by Emma Varsbergs, $34

Artist Statement
In my designs, no element is a mistake. I enjoy creating art where every aspect of the design has a purpose. I do tend to lean more towards a simplistic, yet bold design, which reflects who I am as a person. I hope to create more meaningful designs in the future as a graduate.