EXPO CHICAGO 2017 Artist: Henry Voellmecke

EXPO CHICAGO 2017 Artist: Henry Voellmecke

Henry Voellmecke has been selected as a ShopColumbia EXPO CHICAGO 2017 artist to represent Columbia College Chicago. We asked Henry a few questions about his work and presenting this year at EXPO CHICAGO.

Give us an update about recent projects/artistic life events.

As a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago’s fine arts program, I am continuing my artist practice while working as an independent contractor for two local print shops and interning at PATRON gallery. This fall, along with EXPO CHICAGO, I will be featured in the Terrain Biennial at Terrain Exhibitions and Over & Over at Columbia’s Glass Curtain Gallery.

What will you be presenting at EXPO CHICAGO 2017?

I am presenting two series of monoprints at EXPO CHICAGO 2017. Both series of prints investigate two-color overlays of line halftones, the visual effect of a moiré, and negative space as a compositional subject.

What inspired you to create this series of work?

My practice is heavily influenced by print production’s systematic approach to efficient reproduction. By exclusively using the four-color process and assigning screen angles to each color, I reference commercial printing while challenging the traditional replication of printed materials.

In what ways do you think you will benefit as a professional artist from EXPO CHICAGO 2017?

Being a part of EXPO CHICAGO 2017 is an exciting opportunity! Since I have recently graduated, my career is bourgeoning. Any opportunity to showcase my work to a large audience and to make new connections is a promising start to a career I am passionate about.

Artist Statement

My practice examines color theory, formalism, and phenomena through site-specific installation and print. Inspired by print production’s use pf the process colors- cyan, yellow, and black (CMYK) - I overlay forms to showcase the interactions possible from a finite palette.

Currently, I incorporate halftone lines to produce a visual sensation. Despite the attempt to avoid a moire, line halftones create optical interruptions that remain unsettling to a viewer’s perception. I embrace this stimulation to discuss phenomena and the viewer’s relationship with the viewed. My use of halftones in print introduces a paradoxical experience; while the eyes say one color exists, the mind knows two or more are present.


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September 13-17, 2017
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