“Beyond The Panopticon”, CD, Sonus Umbra

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mainstream rock / prog-rock

"The band started out as Radio Silence back in the early 1990s, and was founded in Mexico. Their influences include Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Rush, Iron Maiden, The Who.  After relocating to Chicago they renamed themselves to Sonus Umbra.  Later a new incarnation formed featuring some of the most accomplished veteran musicians of the Chicago rock music scene.


  1. Grotesquerie, 6:33
  2. Alone Together Alone, 8:52
  3. Blood And Diamonds, 9:00
  4. Paramnesia, 5:06
  5. Love Undone, 4:33
  6. Channel Zero, 9:10


Artist Statement:

I'm the founder and last remaining member of the band Sonus Umbra. I am also a full time faculty here at Columbia with the department of Science and Mathematics. I'm living proof that sleep is wrong, and have the scars to prove it sucks to be right. Overall, I'm a reasonably well-adjusted, sometimes heavily self-medicated, caffeinated inmate on this gravitational prison, orbiting at 30 km/s round the Sun. Afraid of heights, so I bass to keep me safe and low. Just a human. Being. Can you paradigm?

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