"A New Beginning," Julian Leal

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  • 10 song cd packaged in full-color cardboard sleeve
  • Indie Synth/Pop CD


  1. A New Beginning
  2. Let's Go Outside
  3. So Good Your Love
  4. Control Myself
  5. Rave it Out
  6. A New Way
  7. It's Time to Shake it Up
  8. Rises and Shines
  9. All Around Us
  10. No Reason Why

Major: Management '91

Artist Statement: Julian Leal is a Pop/Rock and Synth/Pop/EDM indie recording artist who performs live in the Chicago-land area. His releases are on Hozac, Numero, Sound Asleep, Yesterday Girl, and JLI Music available on iTunes, Amazon, and other fine music retailers and distribution sites.

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