“Spill Me” CD by Paddlefish

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  • released August 17, 2018
  • All songs written by Owen Misterovich
  • Engineered by Joe Misterovich
  • Mastered by Carl Saff
  • Album Art by Tanner Spreer
  • Owen Misterovich: Vox/Guitar/Drums/Keyboard
  • Joe Misterovich: Back up Vox/Guitar/Bass/Keyboard
  • Blake Nieman: Bass
  • Anthony Clark: Drums


Track Listings:

  1. Box Don't Break
  2. In a Ditch
  3. Got No Clue
  4. Cinecyde
  5. King of Things
  6. Watch
  7. Come on Down
  8. Got me Beat
  9. Unbend
  10. Another Way


Artist Statement:

Emerging young band, Paddlefish, call Chicago their home but were formed in 2014 in Springfield, MO, while still in high school. Their stunning sophomore album, Spill Me! was recently released on CD and limited edition yellow cassette via High Dive Records.

The guitar-centric quartet blends a before-they-were-born nostalgia for 90’s alt-rock such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr with a youthful punk energy that results in a sound that is fuzzed-out and slightly noisy but as catchy as a cold.

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