Artist Statement

PINTL + KEYT is a textile design collective that focuses on comfortable clothing, bold prints, and ethical manufacturing. Founded in 2015 by designer Shifra Whiteman, partnering with various designers to collaborate on textile designs for our pieces and then have them handmade in India.

PINTL means a point and KEYT loosely translates to connection in Yiddish (Shifra's first language). This company is truly a design collective & each designer brings a very distinct style and direction to the team. Through collaboration, we draw inspiration from across the spectrum to push our designs forward to tell a story through the collection.

Driven by a desire to impact the socio-economic and environmental effects of fast fashion and manufacturing, we strive to produce a collection in the most sustainable and responsible manner.  We take pride in using organic materials and in paying those who make our products at Work+Shelter a livable wage.

We are a collective of individual designers, working together to co-design each print. We create each individual textile through a visual dialogue. Each design begins with a sketch, then the team takes it apart, pieces it back together, manipulates the look, and collaborates to create a totally unique design that pushes each of us outside of our aesthetic comfort zones to create something that would not have existed otherwise.