Don Widmer

Major: Interdisciplinary Art / Book and Paper, 2012


Artist Statement: Don Widmer is a book and paper artist whose work incorporates papermaking, letterpress printing, and artist bookbinding. His papermaking utilizes a process called pulp painting, where pigmented plant material (pulp) is used as a painting medium. The pigmented pulp is applied, freely or through a stencil, onto a freshly formed sheet of handmade paper. This artwork is made from various plant materials, ranging from cotton to abaca banana fiber. He also makes paper from recycled fabrics such as denim and linen. Don has exhibited throughout the Midwest, most recently at The Morgan Conservatory, Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, Gallery Studio Oh!, A+C Architects Studio and Gallery, and The Compassion Factory. He has received several best of show awards and his work is represented in university, museum and library collections. Most recently, the Smithsonian purchased his artist book inspired by Chicagoan Frances Glessner Lee. Widmer received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts from Columbia College Chicago.