Major: Fashion Studies, 2022


Artist Statement
We can define self-portrait as “A portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.” When hearing this, almost everybody is thinking what they just read. It’s the usual, the most common and normal thing to do. It is exactly what we do in our daily life. So why not do the same with a definition? Because there is the thing, if we would just go out of the box, and see things with detail, for what they really are and not what they show; our life would be so different.

And this is the part, when things go out of control. Because self-portrait for an artist, is something you may not even know. Self-portrait can be another person, a landscape, a glass of wine, a monkey or even a teddy bear. It is something that defines you. Something that represents who you are and how you are feeling inside. Something that defines your past, present or future. Something that when you see it, you can ́t take your eyes away from.

This can be your self-portrait and you may not even know. It may not look like you at all, but if when you see it, you feel something inside: it was destiny. We painted this exactly for you, and we may not even know. It is destiny who made us paint it in an exact time, location and circumstance. It is destiny who brought you and this painting here. Because between so many constellations, planets, years, people, and countries; you and this painting coincided here and now.

You have found yourself, and you may not even know.

With love, AMCV