How-To Not Go Broke This Holiday Season

How-To Not Go Broke This Holiday Season

How-To Not Go Broke This Holiday Season


With the constant barrage of commercials, emails from retailers, apps pushing discount deals, advertisements on social media…it takes a lot of self-control to not buy everything. Add the guilt of not traveling for the holidays and the physical distance of loved ones; holiday spending can really wreak havoc on one’s budget.


Below are some tips on how-to not go broke this year.


Set limits
It might be too late for this year, but one way to stay within budget is to have everyone in your family or circle of friends set a limit on how much everyone is going to spend. If it is too late to set limits with everyone, set limits with yourself. Create a budget on how much you can afford to spend this holiday and divide that amount by the number of people you need to shop for. Sometimes a budget can force someone to be a little more creative with their gift ideas. And as you are setting your budget, you might find the shopping list designed by illustration student Sol Salinas helpful!


Several of our blog posts have mentioned “getting crafty” and making gifts is one way to spend less. Whether you are making candles, or a painting or jewelry or cookies…the effort is there.  And if you think you are not skilled or talented, there are countless DIY kits and youtube tutorials that make the process easy for newbies. Or gift a DIY kit and let the recipient have fun crafting.

For many, time is the most valuable resource. If you have the time and energy offer a gift of something that you can do. Offer to babysit, clean house or run errands for someone. If you are a master in the kitchen, then your gift could be to prepare the holiday meal or deserts. If you are a photoshop wiz, then perhaps you could offer to design business cards or refresh a friend or family member’s branding.


Small and Thoughtful
Do you the know the adage “it’s the thought that counts”? It is true. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most appreciated. Even sending a card with a thoughtful note can let people know that you care. Check out our previous blog post on how-to send a holiday letter and why you should. And if you needing to replenish your stationery supply, ShopColumbia has both holiday and non-holiday stationery.


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