Featured Artist: Manifest Creative Director, Giovanna Martin

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Featured Artist: Manifest Creative Director, Giovanna Martin

Giovanna Martin
Illustration, 2023

Each Manifest ShopColumbia works with the Manifest Creative Director to design a limited edition line of Manifest Merchandise. Learn more about Manifest 2023 Creative Director, Giovanna Martin and her inspiration for the designs.

What was your inspiration for the designs?

I took a lot of inspiration from this year's Manifest Theme from Art Nouveau and general fantasy. I used the Art Nouveau elements to dictate some of the design choices and fantasy as the general tone for the festival.

In-progress sketch for 2023 t-shirt design.

Final 2023 t-shirt design.

Manifest 2023 t-shirt - $18

How have you benefited from being the Manifest Creative Director and designing this year's Manifest Merch?
Designing this year's Manifest Merch really helped me discover my love for apparel making. I hope to continue with the creative practice as I move forward in my career.

As far as being the Manifest Creative Director, I really benefited from the boost of confidence it gave me. Sometimes I doubted my skills. Now I know for certain I made the right call! I was always meant to create.


Manifest 2023 Knit Beanie - $15


Manifest 2023 Keychain - $7

What are you most looking forward to during Manifest?

I am really happy to celebrate with all of my friends and family. I can’t wait to watch them in awe. Especially after all the hard work I put into my career these past few years. I love to share the excitement of others' accomplishments too. We’ve all worked so hard.

Manifest 2023 Sticker Pack - $12



Give us an update on any recent projects/artistic life events; what's next for you?
My current plan is to take a well deserved break before developing my tattoo portfolio. I hope to gain my apprenticeship soon after graduation. I’m currently developing my shop and promotional material for my Instagram.

Manifest 2023 Fanny Pack - $18


Artist Statement
Giovanna Martin is an illustrator based in the Chicagoland area. She possesses a diverse range of skills that make her a strong illustrator. From illustrating trading card games to design an entire festival from scratch, Martin always accepts a good challenge. She has been drawing ever since her can remember and her dedication to her craft begin in high school. Martin's current goal is to become a tattoo artist, as she enjoys helping people achieve their creative vision.
On most weekends, you can find her playing D&D, geocaching, exploring nature, and overall being a total creature. However her hobbies continue to grow and change, as her curiosity never rests.


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