"Skull" print by Zozzle.Art

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  • Digital print on cardstock
  • size:8.5" x 11"


Major: Comedy Writing and Performance '24


Artist Statement:  I (Zoë Kuehn) am a 20 year old Chicago-based artist and student. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, where I studied art weekly for nine years with the same teacher, Robert Shira at For the Love of Art. No matter what I was going through, or how many hobbies I was immersed in the constant variable I had in my life was art. I have developed multiple styles through the years, but I primarily enjoy painting watercolor still life pieces. Living in Chicago and being surrounded by other creatives never fails to inspire me. Painting is an outlet for me that no other medium can fulfill, and even if it frustrates me at times, I have to keep doing it. 

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