"pick you up at 7" FRAMED screenprint by Maya Krueger

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  • pick you up at 7 by Maya Krueger
  • screenprint on canvas
  • framed
  • size: 11″ x 15.5″ 
  • edition 7/11
  • available after the close + deinstallation of exhibit (June 2024)

Illustration, 2024

Exhibition Statement:

The In Between

In my art, I have always been inspired to create work that focuses on what is typically considered mundane and every day. By giving attention to these simple, peaceful moments, I offer the chance for reflection and gratitude that they might not normally receive. My work encourages people to live in the present and to give appreciation to even the smallest of moments. By visually emphasizing details in my pieces, I push the concept of spending more time in these intimate moments, inviting the viewer to study them for a longer period of time. Although my work typically centers around realism, it is joined with an experimental approach in order to give it a more interesting, dynamic outcome. This allows me to utilize multiple mediums and to constantly be intrigued by new methods and techniques.

“The In Between” is a collection of works that form a narrative around love. The pieces are left slightly ambiguous, giving the audience a chance to construct their own narratives. The work chooses to focus on the moments in between what would usually be considered more significant events. These moments are introspective and solitary, giving space for reflection. The pieces aim to capture a certain stillness, as if life were put on pause, with a focus only on the present.


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