Beverly Stained Glass Ornament by Madeline Gross

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  • Stained glass suncatcher or ornament
  • size: 4.5" x 1.75"
  • suspended from velvet ribbon


Major: Communications '22


Artist Statement: Three important things to know about me are 1.) I’ve yet to meet a toad I can’t catch, probably because of 2.) My humble Ohio upbringing and 3.) I have an extreme passion for ketchup. For me, my art is my way of coping with my mental illness. From when I was little and couldn’t sit still to my panic attack three days ago, scribbling away with some crayons can be as good as therapy. I like to challenge myself and experiment with different materials to keep my art constantly evolving. I learned the craft of stained glass from my grandpa, and ever since I’ve made new stained glass ornament designs each year for the holidays. A big theme for me this year has been loss and remembrance, as well as cherishing my family in the moment. Because of this, my ornament designs this year are inspired by a memory of each of my five (yes, five!) grandparents. My hope is that they remind others of their family members as well

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