Women's tshirt Fashion Underground

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Gray t-shirt details:

  • black and white halftone image screen printed on gray triblend garment
  • Bella + Canvas slouchy tee
  • 50% polyester / 37.5 cotton / 12.5% rayon
  • women’s sizing


Black t-shirt details:

  • black and white halftone image screen printed on black crewneck tshirt
  • Bella + Canvas tee
  • 100% cotton 
  • women’s sizing


Designer: Dawn Brennan

The series was featured during winter 2019 at Fashion Underground, a pop-up shop and exhibition in partnership with the Fashion Studies Department.

About the series: My ongoing series of charcoal and acrylic drawings documents, directly or tangentially, moments of dishonesty, self-delusion, confusion or emotional pain. The series got its name from a colleague who said the images looked like stills from film noir movies. I liked the observation and adopted the name because, apart from the pictures’ surface resemblance to the noir style, my treatment of the pictures’ content emulates the great noir authors Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald in their ability to temper deep sadness with humor.

Each image is intimately personal but distanced from the viewer by its ambiguous text and graphic, comic-book style. With Honoré Daumier as my greatest inspiration and guide, my ambition is to vividly document our current world while simultaneously expressing timeless and universal human experience.

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