Untitled 2 by Lindsay Higgins

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  • 8” x 10” off-white mat board
  • 4. 5” x 6. 5” mat opening
  • Easy to frame to match your decor

Artist Statement:

Empty Spaces is composed of a collection of images observing how light and color directly relates to how the two separate spaces are seen. The shadows cast during different times of day creates a specific color tone in the empty spaces. These color tones exclusively mimic one another in each set of photographs. My awareness of color causes me to be mindful of how time and location of light will affect the outcome of the image. Although the separate subjects are everyday sights, viewing them in this context highlights both their similarities and differences. A familiar scene viewed one-on-one beside a once sterile environment creates the appearance of unfamiliarity between the two subjects.

A hexadecimal number, a six-digit combination of letters and numbers that represent color, titles each piece. By describing the work by hex color the sets of images are precisely named, instead of describing them as an uncertain shade of blue or coral. With this knowledge in mind, audiences can better interact with the work and are able to later look up the specific color hex they enjoyed most.

By combining photographs from two different environments of life, in which both commonly deal with the other, I hope to take a closer look at the details of these spaces.


Exhibition: ShopColumbia Spotlight Exhibition
619 S Wabash Ave, first floor
Chicago, IL 60605

Please note: All work must remain in the gallery until the close of the exhibition. The ShopColumbia Spotlight Exhibition closes Thursday, May 31, 2016.  

After the close of the exhibition, work is available for pick-up from ShopColumbia, 619 S. Wabash Ave, first floor, Chicago, IL 60605 during store hours (M-F 11am - 5pm) for Free. Please choose "STORE PICKUP" for shipping Method.

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