Teal and Green Crochet Bucket Hat by Shelby Olson

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  • crochet bucket hat
  • one-of-a-kind
  • 100% cotton
  • adult, one size


Major: Graphic Design '24


Artist Statement: 

I’m originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa but I’ve been in Chicago for about 5 years. I originally went to DePaul University but transferred to Columbia during 2020 after taking a small break from school. I was originally a journalism major at DePaul but I switched to Graphic Design when I came to Columbia. I originally wanted to do fashion because I have a huge love for sewing and making clothes but I have also been really interested in graphic design for awhile. So far, I’ve been really enjoying my time here at Columbia!

I started crocheting through quarantine and I’ve fell in love with it. I went to the Columbia Shop today for the first time and was so happy to see how much crochet work was up for sale. I wanted to submit my work because I’m really proud of it and would love to have a place to sell it because I currently use Depop and sell to close friends as well as people via Instagram but on an incredibly small scale. I would love to get my work out there but also I think the Columbia shop is so nice and a really great way to connect with other students.

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