Small Bowl #5 by Natalie Serafin

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  • small stoneware bowl
  • size: 2 1/4" wide x 1.5" tall
  • leadfree glaze


Major: International Arts Management,'20


Artist Statement: I work with clay because of the endless possibilities it offers, as well as the challenges it has forced me to overcome. As a medium, clay is extremely demanding of the artist and requires a disciplined relationship to achieve success in its ever changing state. The most important characteristic of this material is the responsiveness to everything in its environment- soft and malleable is transformed to be dense and strong.

Clay serves as the perfect paradox between strength and vulnerability and through its eternal fragility offers the ability to experiment with the two at the same time. One of my main concentrations in my work is the exploration of femininity, depicted through the comparison between the receptivity of clay and impressionability of females.

I choose to also work in functional ceramics because of the consistent role it plays in our everyday life. Pottery is a reflection of the world we live in and ourselves, as well as our ancestors before us. My pottery aims at filling our lives with as much beauty and charisma as possible while fulfilling a convenience. I hope my art can decorate the spaces of your life and bring joy into the actions we often take for granted.

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