Skeleton Creature print by em_inem

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  • linoprint on heavy paper
  • signed and dated by artist on back
  • size: 4.25"  5.75


Major: Fine Art '24


Artist Statement:

Every form of art of mine has its own individual meaning, but what they all have in common, is they have to do with self representation. Whether it is ceramics, sculpture, paintings, drawings or prints they all have to do with difficult to describe emotions or how I want to convey myself at that current moment. Whenever a work of mine is started, it typically starts as something simple and over time expands into a creative representational piece. My work overall should hopefully give a feeling of relation, knowing that someone might be going through the same thing and that they too can find a sense of belonging and comfort.

I get inspired by lots of people on pinterest or instagram, there are a few specific people I look for due to them expressing themselves, commonly through illustration, they also include a couple paragraphs as to where this art is coming from and how they are displaying their issue and emotion through their art. This made me feel understood and interested in how art can capture an entire story, this is what I’d like to do with my artwork.

A lot of my work I should either be in an empty room for it to be the focus and that it can help represent the feeling I'm going for or all of the related art to be cluttered together to create a mess of thought and emotion to create an overwhelming feeling. It would help dive into how the artist sees their work and how they want it to be visualized.

I’d consider art an outlet, art is able to help me visualize how I'm doing and help me release any emotions bottled up inside. Every piece of artwork that I create is meant to invoke a memory or feeling to whoever sees it. It's meant to help one visualize their emotions and inspire them to create their own sense of comfort through art too.

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