"Saturnus Individuality Rebirth" digital print by ArtsyYessy

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  • digital illustration printed on textured linen cardstock
  • signed on back by artist
  • size: 6" x 6"
  • Featured in the Spotlight Exhibition: March of Miniatures 2023


Major: Traditional Animation '23


Artist Statement: I'm Yesenia Vilella, also known on some social media as "ArtsyYessy", I come from Hammond, Indiana. I've always been a genuine artist at heart, which wasn't always easy. I had to really show a lot of people that art was something worth persevering for. I'm 2D Animation and Illustration major, inspired by the wonderful studios like Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Dreamworks and Cartoon Saloon! I always connected with films on such an empathetic level, I loved the feeling and emotion they give you when experiencing them fir the first time. I believe film and art genuinely can impact people, I plan to do this for my animations and illustrations as well. I focus a lot on fantasy, characters, stories, environments that place you in a different world, time and space. My artworks always has a bit of storytelling in it, there's always a lot of symbolism in my work that I want people to connect with in some way. That's always the end goal, and to immerse themselves in the arts I create. 

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