“Mullet Girlfriends” (unframed riso print) by Darynn Burton

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• Riso-print
• signed by artist on back
• 4 7/8" x 6 7/8"

Illustration '22
Artist Statement:
Hi! My name is Darynn and I'm from a small rural town outside Champaign Illinois called Tuscola. I'm from a big family with three sisters and three dogs of varying sizes- a teacup chihuahua, a Boston terrier, and an English Mastiff. My dad is an artist and always encouraged me to create growing up, so it was natural for me to end up here. Im a traditional artist! I tend to want to create work that either excites me or is very personal. My inspirations come from old fashion and style trends, all kinds of music, and comics.

Project Statement:
This is an original risograph print with four ink layers. I had scanned from the glass of the machine with four separate masters. The pink of the risograph is very florescent and was not truly captured by the scanner. It has one companion peice. While this peice is lighthearted and humorous, it still has an important theme to me. As an LGBT person, finding and creating work that represents myself and my brothers and sisters is always at the forefront to me.


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