"MINOTAUR GODDESS" framed digital print by TitanX

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  • Framed digital print
  • Frame size: 6” x 8”


Major:  Traditional Animation ‘23


Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Kevin West. I also go by the name TitanX and I am from Olympia Fields, Illinois. My journey in illustration began with the obsession I had with cartoons as a child. For as long as I can remember I have been drawing cartoon characters, writing my own stories, and making comics out of my mother's printing paper. For me, art gives me an outlet to express my humor and my love for cartooning. Currently I am studying traditional animation and illustration as a Senior at Columbia and working to improve my skills daily. When people see my work my hope is that they can see the influences of Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Avatar The Last Airbender. Growing up those were my favorite shows and I drew them all the time. In recent years I have also been heavily influenced by pinup art, various manga and anime stories, and small zines and comics. When creating my pieces I tend to enjoy using pen and ink traditionally, but when I create digital pieces I find brushes that replicate the appearance of an ink brush or pen. I work in both color and black and white and prefer to do mixes of both when I make comics. Overall, when creating my pieces whether they be comic panels, pin ups, or fully illustrated action scenes I want my semi-realism to show in harmony with my very exaggerated expressions, poses, and themes.

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