Druckworks: Forty Years of Book and Projects by Johanna Drucker

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A full length exhibition catalog features commentary and essays by over twenty critics, scholars and artists including Jerome McGann, Marjorie Perloff, Susan Bee, Emily McVarish, Brad Freeman, Kyle Schlesinger, Craig Dworkin, and others.

Johanna Drucker printed her first letterpress book in 1972 and has been active as an writer, typographic poet, and scholar-critic ever since. While widely known for her contributions to contemporary art theory and history, she is also a prolific creative artist with more than four dozen artist's books to her credit. Her writings have helped shape the field of artists' books, visual poetics, and digital aesthetics in dialogue with the arts and critical issues. This comprehensive retrospective exhibits her books, graphic art, and visual projects.

• Full color
• 168 pages
• © 2012

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