"Liminal No. 1" postcard print by Oliver Grenke

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  • digital print
  • 4" x 6"


"This piece is the first of three out of my "Liminal" series. "Liminal" is inspired by the idea of liminal spaces, or spaces that feel inbetween, or in limbo. I think sunrises and sets feel very liminal - and this series expands on that idea.

These prints are rich in detail, showing off the texture of the original canvas and brushstrokes."


About the Artist

Graphic Design, 2022

Artist Statement
Hello, I'm Oliver! I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago studying graphic design. I live in Chicago with my partner, my pet lizard, and my pet cat. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, painting, going for walks, and playing video games. As a proud LGBTQ+ artist, my work is often a reflection of my life experiences and pride.


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