Phenomena: Tones, 2017, offset book by Henry Voellmecke

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  • Phenomena: Tones was offset printed on the Heidelberg GTO at the Center for Book, Paper and Print at Columbia College Chicago in April of 2017 and edited by Brad Freeman.
  • 2017
  • 4.125" x 5.125"
  • 13 pages


Phenomena: Tones is a visual narrative of color theory through the use of the following print production methods: halftone lines, frequency, and screen angles. Halftones are a simulation of continuous tone through dots/lines, thereby creating the illusion of a gradient. Frequency can be referred to as lines per inch (lip). A higher frequency produces more lines within an allotted space and, thus, a fuller tone of the printed color. Screen angles are used to prevent a visual interruption referred to as a moiré. In print production the process colors are assigned angles for optimal visual representation: C 15


Artist Statement:
My practice examines color theory, formalism, and phenomena through sites-pecific installation and print. Inspired by print production’s use of the process colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) – I overlay forms to showcase the interactions possible from a finite palette. Currently, I incorporate halftone lines to produce a visual sensation. Despite the attempt to avoid a moiré, line halftones create optical interruptions that remain unsettling to a viewer’s perception. I embrace this stimulation to discuss phenomena and the viewer’s relationship with the viewed. My use of halftones in print introduces a paradoxical experience: while the eyes say one color exists, the mind knows two or more are present.

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