Find Me Bandmates Candle by Julia Arredondo

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  • Hand-poured glass candle
  • size: 8" tall x 2.25 wide

"Burn candle to attract compatible bandmates during the formation of a musical act.  Candle is most effective when keeping an open mind about the sound of your future group.  Burn candle while listening to musicians who influence you, and to attract bandmates who are influenced by similar artists.  Inscribe possible band names into the wax to channel creative direction."



MFA Interdisciplinary Arts '20


Artist Statement:

Curandera Press is a web tiendita that produces and sells goods inspired by folk healing practices and contemporary Curanderismo. Hecho a mano, based en Chicago.

Produced exclusively for ShopColumbia as a part of the Buy Columbia, By Columbia initiative to expand representation of artists.

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