“Egg on Toast” Pair of Earrings by GERM Jewelry

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  • polymer clay earrings on nickel free earring wire

Germ Jewelry by Gillian Marwood, Creative Writing '19


Artist Statement: I am a stop motion animator, sculptor and miniatures maker, who moved to Chicago four years ago from Aberdeen, Scotland after growing up as an American Expat. I recently graduated from Columbia College with a degree in creative writing and a focus in poetry, and am currently interning at Awakenings magazine and gallery. I am so oddly obsessed with abnormally sized things, whether it be a teeny tiny tooth brush on the tip of a finger, or a jumbo sized whisk in a store front window. I started making miniatures out of clay when I was eight years old, and would make entire worlds for my characters that were shorter than an inch. In addition to miniatures, I love working on my sculptures of weird gender-less alien sex workers. In the future I plan on moving to L.A. or Portland to become a full time stop motion animator and sculptor of tiny things.

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