"911" acrylic paint on black tshirt by AMCV

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  • hand-painted acrylic on heavy weight tshirt
  • one-of-a-kind
  • size: Small


AMCV: Welcome to AMCV. We are proud to present you are most original and creative creations, all 100% hand-painted. This is a denim brand, where all the pieces are completely unique in the world. Which means, you will be the only owner of that fashion piece you are about to buy.


Major: Fashion Studies '23

Artist Statement: Hi! I come from Texas/Mexico. I lived in a small city in Chihuahua, Mexico my whole life. And for high school I started living in El Paso, Texas. I like painting and fashion (I am studying a major in fashion studies and a minor in art). All my work is unique, creative and original. I like to create stuff that you wouldn't find anywhere else, and to give the experience to the client to have something unique in the world. I like Alec monopoly, Picasso, Alexander wang and Vogue, those are some of my greatest inspirations.

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